Charles Taylor - National 100 Mile Record Holder

Club Time Trials

During the spring and summer months the club holds a series of popular 10 and 25 mile time trials in the evenings with riders from other clubs being regularly welcomed. 

10 mile time trials:- 

These highly popular evening races are held on 2 local courses the traditional A10/19 Etwall Course and the newly created ACC10/40 Sudbury - Doveridge course which is ideal for those venturing in to Time Trialling for the first time.

25 mile time trials:-   

These highly popular evening races are held on the extremely fast A25/11 course from Hilton to Uttoxeter and  back. This is course will be used for the National 25 Mile TT in 2019.

2019 Evening TT Dates

New to Time Trialling?

If you are new to time-trialling these answers to frequently asked questions may be helpful.

Club Time Trial Courses

A10/19 Etwall


This popular fast 10 mile course starts near the Seven Wells pub in Etwall.

Official Details

 Start level with gully in Derby Road, Etwall, approximately 50yards before roundabout.. Left at roundabout (1st exit) and follow the A516 westbound to 2nd of 2 roundabouts at Willowpit lLne, Hilton (1.7miles).

 Take the 2nd exit and follow A50 westbound to left turn onto A511 (Fosten), left over bridge (5.4miles), crossing the A50 and left to rejoin A50 eastbound. 

Take the Hilton exit (A516) and at the Willowpit Lane roundabout, the 2nd exit on to the A516 to finish 60 yards past the junction sign, before Ashe Lane, Etwall.

ACC 10/40 Sudbury


This Recently created course is ideal for riders having their first forays in to tt's.

Official Details

Start at the last drain cover before the roundabout at the end of Derby Road, Sudbury. Proceed on to the roundabout and take the first exit towards Doveridge. At Doveridge encircle the roundabout and return to the starting Derby Road roundabout. Repeat the course for a 2nd lap and on returning to The Derby Road roundabout take the 2nd exit towards Sudbury for 0.5 miles. The finish is 50m before the bus shelter.

A25/11 Etwall


This very popular & extremely fast 25 mile course starts on the outskirts of Hilton,

Official Details

Start at lighting column No.105138 by field gate on A5132, Hilton. Proceed to roundabout and turn left up the slip road to join A50 Westbound.  Proceed across three roundabouts (Sudbury, Uttoxeter Racecourse and MacDonalds) to take slip road at the JCB interchange.   At the roundabout at the top of the slip road turn right, crossing above the A50 to the next roundabout. Here turn right to take slip road onto A50 Eastbound  (beware as road turns back on itself!).  Rejoin  A50 (12.5 miles). Retrace the route on A50 Eastbound across three roundabouts and take slip road A516 Derby West/Etwall.  At Willowpit island take 2nd exit onto A516 to finish approximately 50 yards after the right hand turn to Etwall, 20 yards before A516/M1 green road sign. (25.015 miles).