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Love it or hate it, Strava has changed the face of cycling worldwide and it isn't about to go away soon...  

The free website tracks you via GPS on a cycle computer or via a free phone app and ranks your best time on "segments" of road along with other users. 

Now even a short trip to the supermarket can have an element of competition about it.... 

 It also allows route planning and a provides a huge amount of other information from how much climbing you did to who went past you like you've gone backwards on your ride.. 

If you are a member of SPRC you can join our Strava club here...



South Pennine have a closed Facebook Group (to keep the trolls at bay) i.e. you need to ask to join. 

We use the group to share pictures, results and events such as TT's and Velodrome details.... as well as the usual banter.

You can join our Facebook group here,